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“If a soldier does not see logic, he will not perform as well or be obedient. If he accepts the task at hand as logical, he will be obedient. A soldier must be convinced, otherwise discipline is a problem.” – Saddam Hussein

We may not have agreed with Saddam on many levels, however, recently Mathew read the above quote from Saddam and said to himself, “This is true. Not just for soldiers at war, but also for team members in a project”. If a Project Manager helps his/her team members see logic in the project tasks, he/she would surely enjoy the loyalty of his/her team members.

This loyalty stems from the fact that everyone wants to believe what he/she does is important in the overall scheme of things. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that people love to feel important. A seasoned Project Manager understands this urge and fulfills it by helping his/her team members realize how their actions (no matter how big or small) eventually helps the project succeed. It is this feeling of being appreciated and wanted, that leads to loyalty within team member to not just the project, but also to the project manager.

Mathew has come across various Project Managers who believe being ‘Directive’ in one’s leadership style leads to discipline & loyalty within the project team. It may be true for some, but surely is not a ‘Rule of Thumb’. The biggest challenge of Leadership is Situational Leadership i.e. being able to use the right leadership style in any given situation. Those leaders who believe that one style suits all situations, ought to rethink their leadership strategy.



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