Oracle Database Security: Preventing Enterprise Data Leaks at the Source

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According to an IDC white paper, Oracle Database Security: Preventing Enterprise Data Leaks at the Source, Oracle Database offer customers a comprehensive, integrated set of security products that address both insider threat mitigation and regulatory requirements. oracledatabase10gxf0.gifThe growing number of high-profile data breach incidents and numerous information-intensive government and industry regulations requiring protection of personal information and corporate digital assets are forcing organizations to adopt proactive and cost-effective information protection and control (IPC) solutions.

This new IDC white paper discusses the growing internal threats to business information, the impact of regulations on data protection, and how enterprises must adopt database security best practices to prevent theft of sensitive personal and corporate information, and violation of regulatory policies. You may read further on this topic at Oracle Here or check the whitepaper Here

Oracle Database Security products simplify the transition from application level security to database enforced security, enabling organizations to minimize the costs associated with regulatory compliance and the deployment of strong internal controls. Oracle database security provides application transparent security solutions in the critical areas of user management, access control, data protection and monitoring.

The Core Platform Security, User Management with Oracle Identity Management and Enterprise User Security, Data Protection with Oracle Advanced Security and Oracle Secure Backup, Access Control with Oracle Database Vault and Oracle Label Security, and finally Monitoring with Oracle Audit Vault and Enterprise Manager Configuration Pack, all together provide the industry’s most advanced data security solutions that work transparently with existing applications while addressing mandatory requirements found in regulations.

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