10 of the Best Horror Songs

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10 Horror Songs

1. <u>Lullaby</u> – The Cure  –    This haunting song from The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration tells the tale of a man being eaten by a spider in the middle of the night. Nice. And, there is nothing I can do/When I realize with fright/
That the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight

2. <u>We Suck Young Blood</u> – Radiohead –   Off of Radiohead’s 2003 Hail to the Thief album, We Suck Young Blood is a chilling song about – well . . . . Hollywood? Are you fracturing?/Are you torn at the seams?/Would you do anything?/Fleabitten, motheaten?

3. <u>Iron Man</u> – Black Sabbath –   It would be a pity if the song that some argue created the Heavy Metal genre wasn’t on this list. Iron Man, from Black Sabbath’s classic Paranoid album, has remained a classic for scary song-lovers since 1970. Now the time is here/For iron man to spread fear/Vengeance from the grave/Kills the people he once saved

4. <u>Atrocity Exhibition</u> – Joy Division –   From Joy Division’s classic Closer, Atrocity Exhibition is a haunting and fascinating song that brings to mind a circus’s freak show. Asylums with doors open wide/Where people had paid to see inside/For entertainment they watch his body twist/Behind his eyes he says, ‘I still exist.’

5. <u>Mushroom</u> – Can –  From German band Can comes Mushroom, off of their legendary 1971 album, Tago Mago. Possibly the eeriest song on this list, it is the account of the mushroomhead that lead singer Damo Suzuki saw over the Hiroshima bombings, and you can’t get much more horrific than that. Well, I saw mushroom head/I was born and I was dead

6. <u>Happy Death Men</u> – Echo & The Bunnymen –  The finale of The Bunnymen’s debut <u>Crocodiles</u>, Happy Death Man is all strange lyrics and tribal-like drums. Happy death men/The last breath men/Happy death men/Take them to your heart

7. <u>Brain Damage </u>- Pink Floyd –  From the insanity-drenched Dark Side of the Moon, Brain Damage is arguably the darkest track on Pink Floyd’s famous album, and is both sad and undeniably eerie. The lunatic is in my head/You raise the blade, you make the change/You re-arrange me til I’m sane

8. <u>Crackity Jones</u> – Pixies –  Off of the 1989 album Doolittle, Crackity Jones is the infamous tale of lead singer Black Francis’ college roommate trying to stab him. You need these walls/For your own/I’m moving out of this hospedaje/I’m afraid you’ll cut me boy

9. <u>Like Spinning Plates</u> – Radiohead –  From Radiohead’s 2001 album Amnesiac, Like Spinning Plates has the distinction of being sang backwards . . . . and then played forwards, to create a fascinating and chilling effect. While you make pretty speeches/I’m being cut to shreds

10. The Bewlay Brothers – David Bowie –  From the wonderful 1971 album Hunky Dory, The Bewlay Brothers features obscure, eerie lyrics and imagery, fascinating and definitely scary. Now my brother lays upon the rocks/He could be dead, He could be not/He could be you


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