Who You Like to Work With? Tolerance at Workplace

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In this article we have explain what to do when you do not get along with somebody. Tolerance at workplace is respecting the attitude and practices of another person. When a person does something a different way or holds certain attitudes, you do not censure that person or get in the way with that person. That does not mean you have the same opinion with that person, it means that you tolerate the method he does things.

On the job, there are going to be people who act in a way that you do not have the same opinion with. If that behavior is interfering with your job or the organization, you have the right to talk to that person or go to the manager. Manager will identify appropriate behaviors and topics of discussion in the workplace. For example, a colleague may think it is ok to drink on the job. You do not have to accept this. Talk to his or your manager. On the other hand, if you did not think that using drugs or alcohol was ok at any time, you may have a tough time tolerating when someone talks about the parties he goes to on the weekends. If this is the situation, you could inquire the person not to inform you about his parting on the weekends. But, most likely you will need to tolerate the truth that he drinks outside of work.

When we are intolerant of someone beliefs and practices (when they do not hurt anyone), it makes it very hard to get along with others. We are not going to have the same opinion with everything person beliefs, so working with people who are just like you is going to be hard. Most people have arguments with relatives and friends over what they do and what they think, but we do not hate those people because they are related to us. Therefore, we should not hate people who are different from us in skin color, religion, society, etc., just because they have dissimilar beliefs or practices.

Make a list of alternatives of what a person can accomplish when they don’t get along with someone they work with. If it is because a colleague is behaving in a certain way that is troublesome or interferes with the work, the person can talk to this person or speak with the manager.

Characteristics of difficult people to work with– political beliefs, poor attitude, unhappy disposition, unwilling to help, poor work, unfriendly, etc.

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