How to Maintain Healthy Looking Hair That is Color Treated

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Many Americans use hair-coloring products to enhance their natural color or to cover up gray areas.  Hair color is much less harsh than it was years ago.  However, special care should be taken when trying to maintain dyed hair of all types.

 First, it is important to keep hair clean and as soft and shiny as possible.  Sometimes hair dyes can dull hair and take some of its shine away.  The solution to this problem is to shampoo every couple of days and apply an intensive conditioning treatment.  It is best to use a more expensive salon type shampoo when maintaining colored or dyed hair.

 Finally, in addition to shampooing and conditioning, it would help to apply a bit of hair gel for silkiness and shine.  They do sell sprays that add some definition and gloss to your hair.  These products can be purchased for about $8.  In addition, shampoos are available that are specifically color treated hair.  These shampoos help lock in the color instead of rinsing it out with each washing.  These shampoos are safe to use every day if desired.  Stay away from the cheaper shampoos.  Some shampoos are harsh and will actually strip color out of the hair.

 Matrix and L’Oreal make shampoos and conditioners that are geared toward dyed or highlighted hair.  These “specialty” shampoos do cost a bit more money but I feel it is well worth it.  In addition, aside from using intensive conditioning treatments, I find that using a hot oil treatment about once every three months or so makes my hair soft, manageable, and seems to add shine.


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