Who You Like to Work With? Prejudice at Workplace

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Much of the abilities required to get along with co-workers are covered in this article. If a person can master anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills and other skills, he should be able to get along with most people. This works more on a person’s approach about the people with whom he works. A person does not have an option about the people he works with, so they have to be sympathetic of the differences in other people. They may not like everyone they work with, but they have to be clever to work with all types of people. Talk about how we will not get along with everyone we work with. At times we don’t like how they act, or we don’t like what they believe in, and sometimes we don’t like their looks.

Evaluate the terms “prejudice” and “tolerance” with the trainee. This will help set up the conversation about how to separate disliking someone because of what he does and disliking someone because he belongs to a certain group, age, sex, religion.

Prejudice is a pre-fixed idea or an opinion held in disregard of the details and fact that contradict it; and/or, bigotry or abhorrence. A person is prejudiced toward another person when he does not like or has false beliefs about that person because he/she is part of a certain group, age, sex, religion. The groups that are typically the focus of prejudice are women, minority races, different religions, different cast and homosexuals. All policemen are…, all people from the east are…, people who work in call center are… and so on. The person makes this decision about the other person without getting to know what that person is similar to. The decision may be true, but it has nothing to do with the group he/she belongs to; rather, it has to do with what that person is similar to.

Some great examples of prejudices are; men are only interested in lovemaking, women are weak, Jewish people are miserly, African-Americans are lethargic, and Asians are smart. It is true that some men are only interested in lovemaking, some women are weak, some Jews are miserly, some blacks are lethargic, and some Asians are incredibly intelligent. But, you can find these characteristics across other groups of people too. So, when a person is lethargic, it is not because of his race; it is because the person is lethargic.

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