5 Ways to Amuse Little Kids Around 5 Years Old

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1) Elevator – Teach the little kid to say “ding” while he is on your shoulders and then drop yourself from standing upright to standing on your knees almost like an elevator with the instant drop. Then pop right back up. At first they might be a little scared but they will want to do it again and you will get lots of laughter out of the little one.

2) Superman – Support the child’s body with two arms while having him face forward and horizontal so that you are helping him “fly.” While you are holding the child walk around a little bit back and forth so it seems to him that he is flying.

3) Pretending to hurt yourself – I don’t know why this brings happiness to little kids when they see other people get hurt but it works all the time and they just can’t stop laughing. If you let them hit you with something it will bring more laughter.

4) Moonbounce – Hold the child like you would normally when you pick him up such as under the arms. While walking around pick him up and then set him down. Do it again and again and for the little kid it will seem like he is bouncing around and they’ll have so much fun that they won’t want to stop.

5) Sports – You can never be too young to start playing around with sports equipment. You can get mini footballs, basketballs, or etc. and start teaching them how to play or just have them throw things at you if they lose interest.


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