When was the last time

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When was the last time?

you smiled?

you said a prayer?

you gave charity?

you spoke to your neighbour?

you had gests round for a meal?

you talked to that mate in your phone book who you dont see on a day to day basis?

you had a meal with all the family together?

you went out for a meal with your friends?

you told your partner you loved them?

you tucked your children in at night?

you cooked a proper meal?

you had a cup of cocoa?

you held your partner in your arms?

you read your children a bed time story?

you gave someone a lift?

you helped out a mate?

you gave up your seat for someone else?

you tried to make someone laugh?

you played a board game?

you told the truth?

you went for a walk?

you went for a swim?

you let someone finish their comment?

you watched a wildlife documentary?

you gave someone a present?

you prayed for someone else?

you listened to your parents?

you asked for help?

you said good morning to a stranger?

you watched your kids play?

you praised someone?

you went to a libary?

you thanked god?

yeah okay, some of these are a bit corney. But somehow one feels people just seem to loose that human touch we have been bleased with. maybe we just need to take some time out to reflect on what it is we have come on earth to achieve, it seems we are all chasing and stacking up materials which, enavetevebely we shall leave behind as we go on to taste the taste of all tastes, the tast of death!

let it not be that we regret!


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