How to Enhance Your Computer Skills for Free

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Whether you consider yourself very computer literate or someone who has a basic knowledge of computers, there is always something new on the horizon to learn about. In the world of technology, the pace is growing faster that we can keep up with. There is always the next new computer hardware, operating system or software being developed and even the most experienced computer expert doesn’t know it all. The following resources will help you to enhance your computer skills for free by taking advantage of the experts who has figured it out.

Step 1

Check out Windows 7, the newest  window computer operating system that is about to be released. Are you ready for Windows 7? Do you really need to upgrade to it? Can you run it on your current computer? Will your favorite software run on it? Kim Kommando, who bills herself as the digital goddess, makes a living in researching and figuring out computer issues such as this. Kim Kommando has a talk radio show that deals with all things electronic. Listeners call in with all type of computer and electronic questions. Kim answers questions on the air and also writes up the question in her online column and she also sends out several free newsletters. Kim’s newsletters, radio show and website is a wealth of knowledge to enhance your computer skills for free. Check it out in the Link heading at the end of this article.

Step 2

Bookmark this websites for up to date technology reviews: bills itself as the premier destination for tech product reviews, news and price comparisons, free software downloads, daily videos, and pod casts. I find it to be very reliable and a great source for learning new things.

Step 3

Bookmark this great ehow article for step by step video computer instructions:

Step 4

Bookmark for computer tutorials available on CD. These tutorials are on CD and can be used at your leisure without having to be connected to the internet for learning spreadsheets, webdesign, databases, word processing or just basic knowledge of how to use your computer. These CD’s are available free to active US Military personnel. Everyone else generally can get 1 CD for free but there is a minimum cost for each CD.

Additional tips:

There are so many free resources available to enhance your computer skills for free. Just google “free computer training” to get an extensive list and have a go at it and Happy Computing.



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