Health Care Reform Alternitives

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Many questions are raised about H.R. 3200 national health care bill, where will the money come from to support the bill? Many feel that there will certainly be taxes on the wealthy, this of course would be the old Robin Hood style of take from the rich to give to the poor style of politics. America was founded upon the principles of freedom, not those of Robin Hood.

So what if instead of taxing the rich to fund a public health insurance plan, we had a tax rebate of 1.5 times for every dollar donated. So for example you donate $10 dollars, would give a $15 dollar tax rebate on your taxes. At the beginning of each fiscal quarter the budget is announced, and let’s say for the first 3 months of 2010 the budget is 250 billion dollars. Now businesses and citizens are allowed to donate money to the public health insurance plan budget, which will get them a tax rebate at the end of the year. Once that goal is met, no more donations are accepted for that quarter budget. So if you snooze you loose.

What this does is gets businesses and citizens wanting to donate fast so they know they get their tax rebate. If the budget is fully met, great! If not then there will be no taxing of the rich or going into debt to fund the health insurance program. Those on this program will realize that they will have to work with limited funds. Each participant would get a fair portion for his or her health care. Every participant would also be required to pay a percent of their income, so someone making only 15k would pay say .5 percent, and someone making 28k would also pay just .5 percent.

That would take care of funding, and now it’s a volunteer basis, not taxed by force, so those who want to donate for the tax rebate would do so, and trust me I would be donating for that tax rebate.

Next, the government would ask doctors who have huge student loans to work for a set salary for 5 years in return they would get a portion of their student loan paid off. Also tax rebates for those who volunteer their time. This system could work with many fields, those who volunteer to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity, dentists who have free clinics for those who are poor. Reward good deeds, and people are more willing to do good, rather than punishing those who have with taxes.

I think this would work out much better, but we seriously need to get more doctors and nurses and medical staff trained and hired first.


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