Deconstructing Liberalism

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In order to understand liberalism you must first understand their goals.  That sounds simple enough right? All one has to do is listen to their ideology and then gain an understanding of their positions.  But herein lies the catch.

Liberalism is perpetuated through the actions and deeds of the Democratic Party.  The Democrats, however, are a very subversive group.  Their leadership holds their ultimate goals very close to the vest.  Democrats want nothing less than to create a totally dependant society, the likes of which would make Karl Marx jealous.

One of the stated virtues of liberalism is the redistribution of wealth.  Quite simply put, they want to take from those who are successful, and give to those who are less fortunate.  Think of Robin Hood without the oppression of the Sheriff of Nottingham.  While this may sound like an admirable goal, what it really does is eliminate societal classes.  Democrats think that government is better suited to provide for all people, rather than have them provide for themselves.  They have forgotten that it is the successful that employ and provide for the less successful.

It is class envy that creates success.  It is the story you have heard numerous times.  The same story that tells us about the young man who started working at a grocery store sweeping floors and stocking shelves, only later to own that very store and start a successful franchise.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Having goals keeps a people staring at the proverbial brass ring.

In a liberal society there is no drive to succeed, no passion for one’s dreams, or no goal to achieve.  The reason for this is that liberals want to remove the burden of success.  They don’t want individuals to be concerned with the trials and tribulations of achievement.  They want to create a dependant society, a society in which its citizens turn to government for all of their needs.  In that scenario, they are all powerful.  Mind you, that it is liberalism and the Democrats ultimate goal.

Another one of liberalism’s aims is to eliminate Christianity.  While the Democratic leadership preaches tolerance for all, they exploit every chance to silence Christians.  Whether it is the removing of The Ten Commandments from a public building, or removing prayer from public schools (unless you’re Muslim), the Democrats leave no stone unturned here.

They are armed with the almost inexhaustible resources of the A.C.L.U.  The American Civil Liberties Union goes about the business of suing any person or organization that they deem a threat to liberalism.  If a company blocks off time for a Christmas party but allows no time for Ramadan, then here comes the A.C.L.U.  They will sue for equal time for all religious observances.  The company is then left with two choices.  They must either rename the party, or not have it at all.  So now we wait with baited for our annual “Holiday Party” or, even better, “The Winter Solstice Observance”.

It is unclear why liberals have picked Christianity as their target.  Perhaps it is because Christians are typically conservative.  It may be because Christianity is based on rules, and the repercussions for breaking those rules.  More than likely, liberals realize that they will never have total power as long as Christianity is popular because Christians follow God.  With God guiding Christian’s consciousness, and that collective consciousness being of firm moral base, liberals realize that their agenda will never be realized.

Liberals want to create a secular society where no morals apply.  In an immoral society the liberal elite would be free to do as they please.  They would rule unchecked.

The liberal ideology embraces free speech, as long as the speech is in their favor.  With the dominate media sources firmly in their corner, the Democrats are free to chastise whomever they see fit.  One only needs to look at the present protests to the proposed health care legislation for confirmation of this.  Protesters are called trouble makers and rioters at town hall meetings.  Compare this to media coverage of gay marriage activists.  The two stand in stark contrast.

What seems to be forgotten by the Democrats is that this country was founded on principals that stand in staunch opposition to their ideology.  The Founding Fathers indeed risked their lives to forge a country where the individual citizen is supreme, a country where each person is free to pursue their own selfish interests.  Our Constitution is steeped in Judeo Christian beliefs.

The framers of the Constitution created its contents making sure it provided for a country that was exactly opposite of the monarchy from which they left.

Liberals have turned a blind eye to the lessons history has taught us about societies led by kings and dictators.  Those societies consisted of an oppressed public that is absent of hope.  These societies exist today.  And still today the people of these societies risk their lives, and the lives of their families, to reach our shores.

These people know that there is no limit here.  They know that a person can achieve as much as his own personal drive and ambition will allow him.  They know that hope calls America its home.

Liberalism strays from the very ideals that made this country the leader of the free world, and the greatest country ever.  While this country has historically been liberal in its acceptance of all people and ideas, it has been its conservative values that have insured its astounding success.


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