Bukisa Strategy 01: Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan!

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Bukisa strategy 01: Plan Your Work and Work your Plan!

The easiest way on how to become successful in bukisa is to plan plan and plan, then after we must work work work and work. Plan your work and work your plan that’s what I mean. You can’t make money here if you’re not a hard worker and it’s hard to become successful if you did not plan your work. I mean you can earn money here by just working hard but without planning you can’t boost your earnings.

First you must read bukisa FAQ and guidelines.  You must study how bukisa works and how to earn in bukisa, by studying this you can generate a good plan in mind. You might come up with a lot of plan, it is advisable to list all of them and then evaluate which plan is potential in earning money. After selecting the best strategy this is now the time to work your plan, make you plan a reality. But before you work this plan you must ask yourself if this is not an unlawful act or you didn’t violate any rules in bukisa. Violation in any terms here can suspend our membership (account).  You must think not only twice but three times so that you can assure that you are in the right direction.

Working your plan is the most important part. You must be creative, strong enough and have self confidence in doing so because you can’t make it all if you don’t believe yourselves. Set a goal to achieve and believe that you have it. It’s just a matter of self motivation.

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Bukisa Strategy: Plan Your Work and Work your Plan!

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