Runescape power leveling

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Improved guide.

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Mining – mine iron with a rune pick in places where there’s more than 1 iron rock until you reach level 90. There are 3 iron rocks south west of varrock, right next to the champions guild. The bank is just north of here.

Smithing – If you are stinking rich, buy steel bars and make cannonballs for members or steel plates for free players. Otherwise, either use the ores you mine or buy and smelt/smith iron. The best place to smith is Alkharid. Alkharid bank is close to the furnace. You can find Alkharid East of Lumbridge.

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Fishing – fly fishing at Barbarian village is the best way to level. For members, use Shilo Village and bank your fish. Shilo village needs to be unlocked by doing the quest Shilo village. If you cannot do this quest then use Catherby. This is north west of Falador past the mountain, and east of seers village. Barbarian village is north of Draynor and west of Varrock. If you want to bank at barbarian village then just rune a bit north.

Cooking – get 60 cooking by cooking the best item you can and then buy raw lobsters at 200-230 each and cook your way to 99. If you cant afford this then i suggest training your fishing along with your cooking. The best place to cook on free worlds is Lumbridge using the special stove because you burn less food. For member its Catherby because the bank and range are side by side.

Fire making – really simple, just burn the best log you can and always burn in a place near the bank. If you cant afford to buy the wood then train woodcutting along with this.

Woodcutting – get to level 30 using normals and then oaks then cut willows in Draynor Village until 99. If you want, you can cut yews for money at 90+ at a very fast rate. Draynor is west of Lumbridge and north of the wizards tower.

Crafting – buy tanned cow hides or normal hides at 150 for tanned or 100 for normal hides and make the best leather item until 99 or if you can make coifs, then make them because in the new mini game mobilising armies and you can sell these there for good mini-game profits . You can also buy many silver bars and make tiaras to 99. If you don’t want to buy cowhide then kill the cows east of Lumbridge at one of the farms.

Rune crafting – this is slow unless you use one of the major companies. Go to world 16 and craft there by giving the runners runes + essence back per run. This drains money fast if you are under 55, but once you get over it’s a good way to make cash. If you don’t want to do that, your best option is to either use the fire altar for members, or use the earth altar for free.

Combat – if you are member, use pest control. If you are free, get to level 60 or so combat and then train on flesh crawlers on the 2nd floor of the security dungeon. You can also train on hill giants (level 28) they drop big bones which can be sold for large profits at the grand exchange.

Range – get to level 50 range and then camp at moss giants on Crandor until level 70 range. Then kill lessers until 99. to get 50 range train on hill giants.

Prayer – if you are member, try to find an open gilded altar and bury dragon bones. If you are free, buy many big bones and bury at the bank booth. Also you can use the Ectofuntus which gives a LOT of experience per bone.

Magic – get to level 25 magic using combat spells, then use the best teleport you can use until level 55. Then high alch until 99.




<u>♦For the professional Guide click below♦</u>


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