Hurray! Losing Weight is not hard as we think

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If you are worried by overweight I will try to give you simple directions for getting better shape before next New Year. By some simple adjustments in your diet you will be able to contain your weight. My directions for weight loss do not want you to throw away all your favorite dishes. Only three things put under control are sugar, oil and coconut. In addition to getting in shape there is added advantage of controlling the probability for diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases.

Are you an avid tea drinker? Do you drink a glass of tea four times a day? If your answer is yes, then you can definitely loose much weight by avoiding just one of your quotas. I.e. switch to three teas a day. Out of the three drink one of them without sugar. This simple cut will help you drop around ten kilos of wait in one year.

Generally evening tea is the main reason for every diet followers to gain weight. The reason is mainly the oily sweets or fried snacks we have with the tea. If you have the habit of having fried snacks at four o’ clock, it is your turn now to get rid of it. Instead go for fruits. Have a small banana with your tea. Result will be amazing. You can lose around sixteen kilos of weight over a year.

I know many friends who are very particular to have at least one sweet dessert after the lunch. Is it really essential? Can’t you really live without it? The healthier choice is to have a fruit for your dessert. It can be an apple or a banana. This will not only reduce the calories by large extent but also give you immunity from many diseases.

Many people have the habit of eating fried meat or fish every day with lunch or dinner. I am not recommending you to be vegetarian from next day onwards or not at all eat fried foods. But eat fried dishes only once in a week. You will be able to cut down three fourth of a kilo every month from your weight.

All the tips that I gave consolidate into fact that, for a family of four imagine you are using four liters of oil a month. If you follow above tips you will cut short oil usage by half. This will enable every one to shed half kilo of weight every month and sums up to six kilos of weight every year.

It is you to decide whether to go for it or not. Once you tell yes, I am sure results will follow.


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