How to Protect Yourself from Online Money Scams

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scam-main_Thumb.jpg avoiding online money scams

  1. Step 1cancelledcheck_Thumb.jpg check processing/cashing schemes

    CHECK PROCESSING/CASHING SCHEMES – These are schemes that offer or suggest ridiculously easy money and all you have to do is receive customer payments for a business, deduct what is suppose to be your fee or percentage and then forward the rest of the money to the business.

    Sounds easy right? Here’s what happens. You get a check and you take it to your bank and deposit it or cash it. Then, minus your supposed fee, you forward the rest of the money to the business address given to you, but you find out later that the check is fraudulent and you get stuck covering the balance of the check.

  2. Step 2jobsthatcostyoumoney_Thumb.jpg jobs that cost you money

    ONLINE JOBS THAT COST YOU MONEY – Beware of easy online job or money making opportunities where you have to pay someone for a job. Such scams will claim to offer information, customer lists, data bases, etc., and all you have to do is pay a fee to get started making money right away.

    These are scams and just someone trying to sell you something. The plain fact is you don’t pay to go to work, you get paid to go to work.

  3. Step 3bbblogo_Thumb.jpg check with the better business bureau

    BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU or BBB.COM – It’s always a good idea to check out any business that you are considering dealing with, working for, or investing in. You can easily do this by going to the better business bureau’s website. The address is Always do a detailed search of the business or company and find out all you can about them and their reputation.


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