Reviewing Coffee Oasis in Seabrook, Texas

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Coffee Oasis is located at Nasa 1 Shopping center, about 5 miles from the Johnson Space Center, and it is a great place to have a coffee drink, maybe a sandwich and work on your computer since they have a WI-FI connection available.

For their coffee drinks you can order a medium espresso macchiato for $2.20, a cappuccino for $3.20, a medium flavored latte for $3.55, and for non coffee drinks you can order a milkshake for $3.25, chocolate milk for $3.50 or even a Chai tea for  $3.60.

They also offer a breakfast menu that is served all day, for example in their platter selection there is the healthy start which is four scrambled eggs and two crisp smoked bacon strips and two country sausage patties for $4.25, or the Old World which is two fresh scrambled eggs cooked with chunky salsa plus two crisp strips of smoked bacon and all served with a butter croissant for $3.65.

Then always on their breakfast selection you can order some breakfast burritos such as the Nomad which includes two fresh scrambled eggs and country sausage and Provolone cheese and all wrapped with 12″ Armenian flatbread for $3.50, or the Alamo Morning which includes two fresh scrambled eggs plus two crisp bacon strips, salsa and Cheddar cheese rolled in a giant flour tortilla for $3.45.

For their deli sandwiches you can order the super combo melt which is ham, turkey, melted Swiss and Provolone cheese, avocado, tomato, spicy mustard and mayo on a toasted jalapeno cheese hoagie for $6.50, or the spicy tuna melt which is a hot tuna salad recipe with melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing for $5.75 and for the vegetarians there is the vegetarian which includes fresh avocadoes, tomato, lettuce, onion, sprouts, bell pepper, cucumber, mayonnaise, mustard and Cheddar cheese on wheat bread for $5.25.


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