Be a Successful Online College Student While Being a Parent; Change your Life Forever

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     “This never ending revolving door appears to be getting faster and faster with absolutely no relief in sight.”

     However, the good news is, after years inside the revolving door, education has been found to be the key to finally break this cycle. U.S. Census Bureau’s 2007 median earnings for full-time workers states that full time workers with a professional degree earn $100,000 plus yearly compared to $63,000 for a worker with a masters degree. An employee with a bachelor’s degree averages $53,000 in contrast to a worker with a two year degree who makes $42,000 a year. All this information is great news- now how do we find the time and become more successful?


Obviously this is the most significant factor in attending school. It may have been a few weeks or a few years since you last study for an exam; the great thing about online schooling is there are little or no exams. What you must do is study the readings that are assigned to you weekly and prepare to write responses to at least 3 discussion questions. In addition, there are participation responses to other students for a total of 5 days. All this will be explained by your advisor and you will be exceedingly content with the modern classroom.


As in everything in life you must have the time and patience to finish what you started. You must have the time to work on your computer skills and become very familiar with programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. Online courses usually begin on a Tuesday and end on Monday night.


If you do not understand the topic or the class work- feel free to use the internet or the school library; the school library is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Understand and follow the course syllabus at all cost. In college the syllabus is the law. The alternative in not completing the course is not good. Understand-this downward economy will create a more aggressive and competitive situation; are you ready?

D-Degree which one?

Be absolutely careful when you prepare and plan for your degree. Many students fall prey to changing “their minds” during the program. The time and money spent these on changes will set you back a few months -sometimes even years! Be certain that you have “thought out” the whole process before you make the phone call to your local online school.


YES- You must log in everyday to post a response or a question to show the professor that you are serious about your education. YES- you must be as organized as you can and because online schools provide the work throughout the weeks you can always begin you course work early. YES- you can do this; have a picture of your favorite car, a special place or something that you can focus on to keep you going. YES- it is going to be tough and chances are you will reach “burnout”-just be prepared. If you have a buddy who will be with you for some time; convince him or her to begin school at the same time with you. Both of you can motivate each other to finish the degree quickly. Below are some helpful links that can assist you-We really want you to succeed!

Department of Education

Census Bureau Reports

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