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Whether you are an experienced writer, a newbie, or a stay at home mom looking to earn a passive income from writing articles, eHow is a great place to start. The site itself is very user friendly not only for visitors, but also to the contributing writers who wants to share their knowledge and experience. Find out how you can make money online with eHow.

1. SIGN-UP FOR FREE. Signing up on eHow is free and really a no-brainer for everybody. All you need is a valid email address and basic information about yourself. After signing up, it is imperative that you update your profile properly if you intend to present yourself as a serious writer on eHow.

2. REGISTER FOR WCP. The Writer Compensation Program of eHow or WCP provides members an opportunity to earn passive income for contributing articles on this site. You will be asked to sign-up for WCP after registering, but in case you missed it, go to your profile and click “Start earning money now!” on the right hand side. It is also free to join WCP. Unfortunately, you need to have US Social Security Number (SSN) and at least 18 years old to join the program. So provide your SSN, Paypal account, and other pertinent information to complete the application. eHow is a legit site and BBB Accredited so your confidential information are safe.

You can start publishing articles as soon as you finish these first two steps.

3. ADD FRIENDS. Building eHow network is important because it helps improve your articles by way of comments or ratings and inspire you to write better articles. Go to Community=>Members and add people to your Friends list. Add members with points under their name because it indicates they are interested in writing also. Next, go to the Featured Members on the Home page and add members you see there. Above the Featured members are the “What’s Happening Now” section. It’s a good idea to add from this list because they are active members publishing articles and commenting on other member’s articles too. Go to your friends list and add their friends. Lastly, when you leave comments on someone else’s article, add the members who left a comment on that same article to your list as well.

4. START WRITING. Writing articles on eHow is very simple and easy. Just give your article a title, write the step-by-step instructions, add image, and publish it. It is recommended that you create your draft article in a document for backup and then copy and paste it on eHow when you’re ready to publish. Adding image to articles is one of the best features on eHow because it does not require outside link to add images. The way the images are presented on the article is also excellent. Articles published on eHow is not exclusive, which means you can publish them on other sites as well, as long as they are your original writing.

5. PROMOTE YOUR ARTICLES. Some articles sell itself well, while others need promotion in order to get traffic. eHow provides several tools to help you promote your articles. Click the “Share” button on your article page and start submitting to numerous bookmarking and social networking sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Digg. Ask your eHow friends to subscribe to your feed by clicking “Subscribe” button on your profile. eHow also has Widget tool located at the bottom of your profile page that you can add to your blog, website, or social networking sites to showcase your featured articles. Join eHow groups and add your article link to the discussions to increase traffic.

6. STAY ACTIVE AND SOCIALIZE. Read, rate, comment, and recommend other members articles on a regular basis in the hope that they will return the favor. Participate in forums and discussion to become visible in the eHow community. There are also regular contest that you can join and win prizes. Stay active and socialize in this wonderful community of eHow.

There are several ways to make money online but eHow is one of the best. It has been there for quite a while so it is highly indexed and has regular traffic that will help your article get views and earn you money.

Be patient and Good luck!


*  When someone left a comment on your articles, always return the favor by reading their articles too. This is a good etiquette on eHow community.
*  You need quantity and quality articles. Your earnings will not increase if you only have less than 50 articles. Shoot for at least 100 quality articles in vast topics.
*  Always add images to your articles… it helps the reader to visualize the instructions.
*  You gain points for every article you publish which builds your credibility as a writer on eHow.

*  Keep in mind that eHow can remove articles that do not conform to their standard so always create a backup of your articles.


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