How To Enhance Your Psychic Abilities, Develop Your Psychic Ability

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It has been said that everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. Nay sayers will tell you that psychic connections are nothing more than coincidence or hunches based on intellect and experience. When you think of an acquaintance that you’ve not seen or thought about in years, and they call, is that coincidence? Is coincidence another name for clairvoyance? Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is some small measure of psychic ability. Much like one human being is born with a greater artistic talent than another, psychics are born with varying degrees of talent as well. Much like a person with lesser artistic talent can still be taught artistic technique and can also be taught to use it to communicate with art, a person with a lesser degree of psychic ability can develop their talent as well.

One method of enhancing and developing your talent is to take care of yourself. Mind and body go hand in hand. They work together. There is a reason Hollywood portrays the clairvoyant as a soft spoken, mellow of mind, surrounded by good smells, wearing flowers kind of a person. Those things matter in this realm and any other you may find yourself in.

You must learn to meditate. You will need to set aside time to relax your mind. Meditation is a time of perfect calmness and relaxation. Many times when we try to relax our minds; our minds wander. With meditation, you will come into control of your relaxed but wandering mind. You will be fully relaxed, but aware and in control. You are in this state of being when you are about to fall asleep. Not awake and not asleep. This is the alpha state.

In order to connect to other people, situations and events, you will need to allow yourself to feel what others are feeling. This comes naturally to some. When someone is in need of conversation or companionship, learn to listen to them. Tune in on their words with your heart and mind as well as your ears. Learn to feel the emotion that they feel. Not a manufactured emotion based on what they feel, but relax, tune in and FEEL them.

Get enough rest. The usual things that are good for any talent, are also good for the psychic talent. Your body should never be tired. If you are tired, and cannot sleep or it is not convenient to sleep, meditate. Meditation is a very restful state. Keeping your body well rested is conducive to enhanced psychic ability.

Engage in healthy eating. Fruits and vegetables are key in your body’s proper function, as well as your mind’s. Keep your eating habits within healthy parameters at all times. You will want to eat chips, and hot wings occasionally and that’s fine. That’s what makes life fun, but it’s the obsession and overindulgence that will keep you from your abilities. Listen to your body. You have to be able to control your own mind, habits and obsessions before you can start to enhance your talents.

Be a deep breather. We have become a society of shallow breathers. Deep breathers are more relaxed and in control. Shallow breathing may be your hardest habit to break. When you are busy during the day, you will probably not be thinking about your breathing, but each and every chance that you get, be it break time, driving the car, reading or watching TV, even a few minutes, try and remember to deep breathe. Slow deep breaths on a regular basis will calm your body and mind thereby enabling you to concentrate and enhancing your psychic abilities.

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