Leave Me Alone

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I walk. He walks. I stop. He stops. I turn. He turns. Why is there a man following me? He follows my every move, walks faster and faster trying to catch up. I walk faster, I’m paranoid and yet irritated. Why is he dressed in a suit? Is he someone in the FBI? No he’s an annoying religious missionary. He tries to recruit me. I say no. He still follows.

I love taking walks around the park daily. I love the fresh air and the wind as it blows through my face and releases my tension as it comforts me. I love being alone, just wondering, thinking, reflecting on anything that comes up. I love taking my walks alone. I love it. So why the hell is he still here?

Religion gives those who believe a sense of community and family however, it is solely based on one’s belief of a supernatural being or power. It’s understanding that most religions have a some sort of groups that focus on recruiting and converting people into their religion for some see religion as a basis and foundation of life. Ultimately, we all have our own beliefs and it is only human to want your own to be the most dominant. Dominance and power, isn’t that what it’s all about?

No. Religion is religion. Belief is belief. Power has no place in religion, nor does dominance. What you believe is true to you, what I believe is true to me, so why the need for recruiting?

Many religions have different tactics for recruiting people. They are intelligent, skilled and yet very sneaky. Some recruiters provide an individual with the necessities of life such as food and shelter before they make their pitch. Some use one’s personal fears against them and suggest that their religion will provide answer and or protection for them. Some recruiters make individuals feel loved and comforted by the people who share that belief so they want to join that belief. Most commonly, you’ll find that they’ll follow you around and be persistent.

Why is it that people cannot respect other beliefs as they are? Life would be so much simpler if we all just stuck to our own beliefs instead of being tricked, assimilated or annoyed into another. The recruiters just need to leave us alone or at least accept when someone turns the offer down. We don’t need to be pushed and hustled into another religion as if our own beliefs are wrong, and they certainly don’t need to keep forcing.

Although it may seem as though they are doing good, in reality missionaries make them selves and their religion seem so ethnocentric and self-centered, and that is the reason people begin to dislike them. The worst thing and yet the most common thing they tend to do is tell someone that their beliefs are the correct ones. How do they know that? They don’t, and they make themselves look ignorant when they suggest it.

Religion is supposed to give people a sense of community, so why is it that people differentiate themselves and classify others because of it? The purpose of religion isn’t to separate people, but to bring us together. It doesn’t even matter that we all have different beliefs, its not as if Jesus will stab you with a cross if you communicate with a Hindu person, and I highly doubt Buddha will punish you with his meditating power if you speak with a Muslim. Ultimately, religious people (extremists or normal) and spiritual leaders need to learn to shut up and keep it to themselves.

Your religion is not the best, nor is it correct and vice versa, so stop telling me it is. Quite frankly I don’t care; I just want you to leave me alone. I know for a fact I speak on behalf of many people, so please just shut up.


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