Enjoy the Original Star Trek As a Non-Trekker

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Millions of people enjoy Star Trek. Many of us enjoy watching Star Trek but do not consider ourselves Trekkers. Trekkers used to be Trekkies, but today prefer the term Trekkers. I consider the original Star Trek to be one of the best TV shows of the 60s. Even today, it can still hold my interest and attention. I am not an obsessive fan, nor am I a Trekker but I do enjoy the show very much. Here are some things about the Original Star Trek and its cast and crew that will help you enjoy it a little bit more.

At no time, in any original series episode, did Captain Kirk say “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy is the only actor to appear in all 79 episodes.

In 2000, The Guinness Book of Records listed Star Trek as having the largest number of spin offs. This includes the films as well as the TV series.

Here and there in the Enterprise’s hallways there are tubes which are marked GNDN. GNDN stands for Goes Nowhere Does Nothing.

Scotty, played by James Doohan, lost the middle finger of this right hand during WWII. Most of his scenes hide the missing finger. In the Catspaw episode, when he is holding a phaser, you can see that he is missing his finger.

In order to get the effect of the transporter beam, the special effects crew used aluminum powder being blown by an industrial fan; this being done under a spotlight.

Leonard Nimoy’s father operated a barber shop at the time that Star Trek was popular. Children would come in and request a ‘Mr. Spock’ haircut, and never know that they were getting that haircut by Mr. Spock’s Dad.

In 1966, when it came time for NBC to promote Star Trek, they airbrushed out Spock’s pointy eyebrows and ears for magazine photos. They feared that people would think that he looked like the Devil and would not watch the show. The opposite happened. Spock was Star Trek’s most popular character and also became a sex symbol with the ladies.

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