How To Get Static Electricity Out of Your Clothes

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Once we’re all dressed up in our finery for an evening out or an important business meeting, it makes us wince when we look in the mirror and see our nice clothes sticking to us. Ladies, nothing looks more disturbing than a skirt stuck to the legs up to the butt. Not a good image to put forth. Men, it’s not such a nice look when the sleeves of your suit jacket are stuck to your arms up to the elbow or across your back. Here are some tips to rid you of your static.

Make sure you use fabric softener when you do your laundry. The fabric softener sheets that you put in the dryer seem to work the best on static electricity over the liquid softeners.

If you forget to put the fabric softener sheet in the dryer, you can wipe the fabric, such as your skirt or jacket, on the inside where it sticks and this will work too!

Take your clothes back off if you’ve developed static, and give your sticky spots a small spritz with hair spray. It doesn’t have to be much, just mist will stop the static.

Run a metal coat hanger across the static-y fabric. This will discharge the electricity.

Static Guard spray is available at most discount stores. It does work well but has a slight odor.

Remove your clothing and rub lotion on the necessary portions that are sticking. Not on the clothing, on you. Rub your arms or legs or torso, or whichever is the offending body part!

Static electricity is caused by atoms rubbing together and losing their neutrality. Humidity allows the atoms to discharge their electricity, therefore, putting a wet cloth in your dryer will work as well as softener sheets. Wetting yourself or your clothing will also work, but you probably aren’t looking to get your suit wet!

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