How to Find Love?

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I have struggled to find love for a very long time. Guess what, I’m still struggling to find it. (By the way just to be on the same page, we are talking about girl friend/ boy friend love and not the friend and family love).

I am a little above my mid 20’s and was with 3 women, that I thought I loved at the time, but I guess i was just too young to understand what it meant. I was too career driven and had a lot of career related ambitions to full fill that I did not get the time to find myself a proper girl friend. I would go out to clubs and party out, occasionally grind on some woman and make out with them on the dance floor or I would bring home a girl I worked with in the Office, or I would be seeing some girl while I was in the University. Then there are times when I would do little ass grabbing and kissing with girls I worked with, (not the same girl). The list can go on.  But none of these would make me feel that I could fall in love after getting laid with so many. Its a different story all together. I have written a blog that goes indepth with the remaining part fot his article Have a look at it over here:

For those of you not sure how to make that first impression which could possibly lead to somewhere, I suggest looking at my other articles on conversational starters and making impressions over:

For those of you who have cheated on your spouse or have been cheated and in that timeof your lives where you think you are never going to find love or you can never forgive your lost love have a look at the this articles over here:

I hope these articles give you a boost in your confidence in your quest for love. I know it has to me. Until then vboy123 signing out.


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