Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Riddler Challenge Tips.

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What this guide is:

Tips and tricks to help you find some of the more awkward trophies and riddles in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

What this guide is not:

A definitive list of the location of everything. The idea is to help players who are having trouble, but are too proud to look up the exact locations of things. Yes, we do exist!

Tip 1: Three Dimensional Awareness.

By our nature, humans generally don’t look up or down very much. The creators of Batman: Arkham Asylum’s Riddler Challenges have taken full advantage of this fact to conceal trophies, question marks and other items in areas that we really wouldn’t look. If you can’t find an item, try looking up and down as well as from side to side. You’ll often spot a destructible wall or vent high up in the rafters, or hidden behind the stairs.

Tip 2: Find the Riddler challenge map for each area.

Every area (Including the great outdoors) has a Riddler challenge map hidden somewhere. This will give you a rough idea of the location of every challenge in that area, with the exception of the Joker teeth. With this you can identify the area that a challenge appears in down to a few square metres, so your search becomes much easier. They don’t give you a clue about elevation though, so bear in mind tip one! Generally, these maps are pretty easy to find so long as you explore the area thoroughly. Basically, they’re not hidden, but they won’t be on your direct path. With that in mind…

Tip 3: Detective mode- EVERYWHERE.

When looking for riddles, ALWAYS use detective mode. Question marks (See the next tip) will only show up in this mode. Riddler Trophies are highlighted in orange so they’re easier to see, as are tapes and the all important Riddler Challenge Maps. Many riddles are hidden behind destructible walls, so these also show up far much more easily in detective mode.

Tip 4: Know what you’re looking for.

There are 6 kinds of Riddle in the Batman: Arkham Asylum Riddler Challenges. You need to know what you are looking for.

  1. Interview tapes: No clues are given for these. They look like big old fashioned movie reels and show up in detective mode. They also show up on Riddler Maps.

  2. Trophies: Read Interview tapes, but these look like well.. trophies with a question mark on them.

  3. Question mark Riddles: Two parts of a question mark (usually the dot and the curve, but in one case the mark is split diagonally). You need to find the angle at which these two parts can be observed to look like one mark. These can be identified by their clues, which usually contain words such as view, perspective, or angle. The mark only shows up in detective mode. If you get the message ‘solution partially detected’ when you try to solve the riddle then only one part of the mark is visible. If you get the message ‘solution not aligned’ then both parts are visible, but they are not visible in such a way as to look like a question mark. The game can be very picky about this.

  4. Riddler’s teeth. No clues, and they don’t show up on the map. That said, they all appear on the beaten path, except the set that show up on the upper floor of the warden’s office. They nearly always appear in sets of three, so if you don’t get all three, then look around again carefully.

  5. Spirit of Arkham: No clues, but they do show up on the Riddler map. Except the last one… but I won’t spoil that for you!

  6. Misc objects. These are unusual and out of place items. They show up on the riddler challenge map, but not in detective mode. You get cryptic clues for them. Generally, if you ever see anything that looks out of place (such as a cell covered in ice, or a mask on the wall of a doctor’s office), then try solving it. To find them, get the riddler challenge map first. The location combined with the clue should give you all you need to find the challenge.

Tip 5: Until the end of the game, not everything is possible.

Some Riddles in the challenge require gadgets that you will not have until the later on in Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you can’t find a specific riddle, then try again later when you have more kit. Once you’ve completed the game, you can carry on playing and you WILL be able to find everything, even if the levels have changed.

Happy hunting!

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