The Importance of Clothes

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There is a Russian adage according to which you meet people looking at their clothes but you see them off looking at their intelligence. For example, when you interview somebody for a job, the first thing that you pay attention to is his appearance; his hairstyle, clothes, perfume. These all makes the first impression on you. But when you start your interview you just see what the inner look of the person is, and you hire him not because he has a good appearance, but because he is good for the position because of his intellect, capability, good manners etc.

 Another example of clothes not making a person can be the fact of existence of certain people in our society who became rich in a sudden. This can be, for example, a beggar who won   1000,000 dollars playing National Lottery. Those people try their best to show that they are worthy to be honored just because they buy the best clothes, drive the best cars and eat at the best restaurants. But ten minutes of observation is enough to understand that it’s not clothes that make the man/woman but their behavior, manners, speech etc.

 Also in finding friends clothes play certain role but not the important role. When you look at a person’s appearance you can somehow determine whether you can be good friends with him/her or not, as clothes sometimes tell us about the person’s personality. For example, if somebody likes wearing clothes with bright colors it means that he/she is someone who likes to be noticed and admired by the others, and on the contrary if someone likes grey or dark clothes it tells about his habit of being in shadow. If someone periodically changes his/her clothes from bright colors into dark and vice versa, you should guess that the person is may be a bit unstable and wears clothes according to his/her mood.

 At the end I should like to say that although clothes play an important role in determining the person’s personality they never make them.


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