How to get healthier plants and shurbs.

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There is a process in lawn care called aeration. It involves removing soil cores from the ground and depositing the cores on the lawn. The process creates holes in the ground that are approximately 2 to 3 inches deep and 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter. This helps decompact the soil so grass roots have room to grow.

Another method is used for bushes and small trees wherein a metal tube attached to a hose is inserted into the ground and water is forced into the ground to loosen the compacted soil around the root system.

You can hire a service to preform these operations or rent equiptment in some cases such as a lawn aerator. I would suggest a neighborhood pitch in on the rental of the aerator and take turns using it.

I want to provide you with a simple method to achive much of the same results,spicifically with plants and shrubbery. If you take a bucket of soapy water and pour around the base of the plant it will act as a decompaction agent on the soil. Yes the same reason that we use detergents to wash our clothes and dishes, which is to break apart dirt and grime works similary in the ground itself.

A plant is only has healthy as it’s root system. A root system seeks out nurisment for the plant. Compacted soil inhibits root movement and therefore plant growth.

Just a side note. As a kid I had a huge willow in the back yard. My father had ran a pipe from the washer to the base of the tree to water it. After the wash cycle it would dump the soapy water out.


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