How to Enjoy a One-Nighter at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

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We visit Las Vegas once every couple of years. We have a minor child so we always stay at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. It’s a kid friendly environment and the rates are very reasonable for a casino on the Las Vegas strip. If you have only one night to stay in Vegas and are looking to simply cater to the children and have a family day, it is possible, not necessarily cheap, but possible!

The first thing you will want to do is get to know the hotel. Just walk around and find out all that the hotel has to offer. Circus Circus is a kid friendly environment with a lot of fun things to do. Children aren’t allowed on the casino floor but that’s okay since there are acres of other ways to spend your money!

One place to visit is the Adventure Dome. You can find it on the Promenade along with many shops and restaurants. The Adventure Dome is an indoor amusement park complete with a roller coaster, arcade games and even face painting.

Shopping is also available on the Promenade. There is almost no end to the glittering shiny souvenirs that can be purchased there. The kids will undoubtedly love the Chris Angel magic store!

Upstairs over the casino you will find the midway, complete with an arcade. In center stage there is a circus act about every 15 to 30 minutes. It is usually an acrobatic act of some kind. You can sit in the bleachers and watch or if you are busy at the arcade, you can stand at the rail alongside and watch. This is a free show.

When you are ready for food, make sure to visit The Buffet. The food is excellent. People come from all over Vegas to eat at The Buffet. The Garden Grill, on the Promenade is great if you are looking for a cozier atmosphere.

When you need a breath of fresh air and are looking to get outside in the sunshine, visit the Hoover Dam. It’s only about 20 miles from Las Vegas. It is an awesome feat of engineering and one that adults and kids alike enjoy visiting. Its size is breathtaking. Take the Power Plant Tour so that you can see what the dam does and what its purpose is.

Make sure that you drive down the Las Vegas Strip at night. This too is a man-made wonder of gigantic proportions. The lights and the sights are dazzling. Keep driving down the strip until you get to Fremont Street downtown. This is every bit as exciting as the Strip. The street is blocked from traffic so you will walk. There is a canopy over the street that lights up and usually has a theme show. Walking this area may not be suitable for some children.

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