How To Throw a Successful Summer Pool Party

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Nothing tops a summer gathering around the pool. Pool parties are fun to start the summer with, end the summer with and just have fun with at all times in between. Family and friends chatting, splashing, dancing and eating creates a nearly carnival-like atmosphere. You can plan a couple of pool parties centered around summer holidays or you can make your pool the ‘all summer long’ gathering place. Here is what you need for a successful pool party.

First, decide whom to invite. Mix it up a bit. Young and old alike enjoy hanging out at the pool. In the spirit of togetherness and fun, the older folks enjoy spreading their wisdom to the young adults. In the same spirit, the young adults are usually polite enough to act like they care. The fun, the sun, and the water put everyone in a good mood. Invite them all; they’ll get along! Depending on how wild you expect the party to get, you may or may not want to invite children.

Decorate. String tiny decorative lights around your patio umbrella and along the fence that surrounds your pool. Hang streamers. Light candles.

Provide a large variety of music. When you call and do the invites, ask people for a couple of their favorite songs. Put together a play list that includes everyone’s taste in music. MP3 players work best for a pool party. Radio station commercials are annoying and CDs need to be tended to. Plug your MP3 player into your stereo or speakers. It will hold hundreds of songs. You can download everyone’s favorite songs legally at for about .99 cents each.

Pick easy to make and easy to eat food. BBQ ribs are a must! They aren’t necessarily easy to make, but they are a great finger food. Grilled chicken is another main dish as well as hot dogs. Pre-made potato salad from your local deli will fit in nicely. Have lots of chips, dip, nuts, soda and water on hand.

Dig out your pool toys. All kids, young and old need floaties and balls to play with in the pool.

Also make sure you have yard toys. Everyone isn’t in the pool all the time. Badminton, volleyball, nerf balls and hoola-hoops are always fun.

Provide sunscreen. It is unavoidable that someone will get sunburned. Put the sunscreen on the bathroom counter where it is going to be seen by everyone and can be applied in private. Try to remember to offer it occasionally to anyone you see turning pink.

If you are a drinking group, provide a little bit of beer and wine coolers. Hard liquor may not be the way to go for a friendly crowd. Low alcohol content drinks are best and you don’t have to provide enough for everyone to get sloshed. Provide enough for a couple of friendly drinks.

When you see the party winding down, start a pot of coffee. It sobers up anyone who needs to be sobered and gives the non-drinkers a second wind to get themselves home!

Provide a place for anyone who needs a nap or to spend the night. No one leaves the premises under the influence of alcohol!

NO drugs.

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