Protein Supplements-The Best Way to Building Muscle Mass Fast

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This message is generally for men who tend to be more concerned about looking more bulky and muscular these days. Personally it is uncomfortable standing next to someone who looks like they could just flick you away. Men, its time to join the ranks. Why not look like an extra from 300, I don’t think the ladies will mind.images?q

So it’s time to get started, right? Yes. You have got a routine from your favorite muscle building magazine or website. You have got a new gym membership. You even have a couple buddies to hit the gym with. So it’s time to get started, right?


I am going to reveal the secret to all success right now, it is knowledge, commitment, and creativity. Apply this to your fitness goal which is to build muscle, fast. First, you should never attempt to do anything without doing some research about it. Second, quitters never win, you will get what you want as long as you remain persistent in reaching your goal. Lastly, when comes to muscle building, creativity takes the shape of protein supplements , at least for this article.

Are high protein supplements bad for you?

The answer is not at all, however like I said always do some research. You don’t want to pump dangerous chemicals or waste into your body. You also need to be sure that the supplements are being implemented correctly. By this I mean if it is supposed to be used as an assistant to exercise, do not sit around the house drinking protein shakes while watching t.v. Doing so will cause the effects to backfire, possibly transforming you into a flat slob instead of a muscle bound stud.

What you should know, if you already don’t, is what protein does for the body. A few of its functions are; cell regeneration, immunity, as well as maintain your weight and is essential in preserving muscle. The list goes on to include hair growth and more, but you only need to be concerned with these few.

The “Whey” to Go

Whey protein is one of the protein extractions that comes from cow milk. What is so special about it is that other than milk, whey protein can not be found in any other foods. It also melds well in the body as well as contain all the essential amino acids you need.

Whey protein comes in two forms:

  • Protein isolates, which are about 90% protein and are low in fat and carbs. This is a great choice for those who are lactose intolerant, as protein isolates can contain .1 gram or less of lactose per table spoon.
  • Protein concentrates. These tend to be cheaper are only about 75% pure protein and contain much more fat and lactose.

I recommend going out and getting one of those huge tubs of protein powder that you see displayed in the GMC at the mall. They can even run you only 20 bucks and can last a pretty long time. The cheap whey protein seems to have more fats than the more expensive ones though.

What are the benefits?

  • maintain weight
  • lose weight
  • helps muscles recover faster after exercise, shortening the time for muscle growth
  • strengthen bones
  • boost your immune system
  • replenishes protein lost by burn victims so that wounds may heal quickly

Does it have any side effects?

Too much of anything can be bad. Whey protein supplements are no exception.

The rule of thumb for consumption by the RDA is not to eat more than .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Eating too much will result in the protein being stored as fat or used as energy. It is important to drink plenty of water so it can be metabolized. If not you risk serious strains on your liver and kidneys. Try spacing out the amount you are recommended to ingest throughout the day so it is properly digested.

That’s All Folks

There you have it. In about 2 months time you will have noticed that you have gained twice the amount of muscle mass that you would have by only going to the gym and lifting weight.


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