How to Deal With Annoying Telemarketers

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You’ve just poured the wine, put the napkin on your lap and are ready to dig in to the spaghetti, when the phone rings. Since it’s supper time, you can be reasonably sure that it’s a telemarketer. Do they ever stop?! We are bombarded into overload daily by advertising. The TV, the internet, email, telemarketers, snail mail, even the elementary schools jam us so full of ads that it’s a true wonder we can think clearly. If we paid actual attention to every ad every day, we’d literally have no time for anything else. Here are some easy ways to deal with telemarketers.

Turn off your ringer and screen your calls. Without a ringer, you aren’t annoyed constantly. If it’s someone important, they’ll leave a message. You can opt to listen while people leave messages and answer if necessary. You can also just check your messages once in a while and do call backs.

If you feel that you must answer the phone, be firm but polite. They are people like you and me trying to earn a living. Usually a telemarketer is a college student sitting in a call center getting nagged by the boss to be more aggressive. The telemarketer will keep talking if you give them the chance. Do not engage them in conversation. Simply say, “No thank you, I’m not interested,” and hang up the phone. You were nice and the deed is done.

If you feel like engaging them in conversation, then ask them to put you on their “DO NOT CALL” list. Take their name, the business name and number; note the date and time. If they continue to call you, you have legal recourse. You do have to give them 4-6 weeks to process your request.

Salesmen who come to your door don’t qualify as telemarketers. Nevertheless, they are as annoying. City dwellers deal with them daily. MOST times a ‘no solicitors’ sign will do the trick, as will answering the door with a large barking dog. Again, firm but polite. Don’t engage them in conversation. Say, “I don’t do my shopping at my front door, no thank you”, and shut the door. OR tell them that you ‘don’t shop for religion at my front door’. Polite-ish and the deed is done!

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