aLL 4 dA kiD’z

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kEEping motIvaTed fOr and bEcauSe oF yA’ll ,nOt bEcoming wut I wUz iN hOpes fOr beTTer fUtures fOr yA’ll ,nOt mInes bUt u R ,mY blOod rUn’s throUgh dA tEar drOps viEnz ,thEre soUlz throUgh mIne ,frOm dA fiRst to 5tH and in betwEEn ,mY  lOve 4 yA”ll nEver diEs ,Id’e gIve mY liFe 4 EaCh ,AnyOne wHo rOlls mY wAy hAs tO dEAl wIt iT ,nO ExcEptioNz ! dA M.O.B,! i cAll yA’ll dA M.O.B cUz dAtz wUt U iZ ,eaCh holDing a rAnk oF pOwer ,1rSt. bOrn I teAch u tO bE sTronG for dA otHers ,cUz u R dA oldEst undErstAnd dA otHers beTTer ,knOw wUt yur rOle iZ iN resPonsability iZ ,fOr whEn i sEE u immiTATing otHers iZ wUt woRRies mE , so I tRy  sO dAt u R inspIred bY mY aRt ‘z ratHer thAn mY addiTudE , dA 2nd bOrn sO mUch siMularitiEs  bEtwEEn uS ,sAme ciRcumsTances bEing raIsed wIt sAme tEaChing’s gIvEn bY dA sAme pErson , i knOw u GiRl bEcausE i knOw mYselF so whEn i scOld u it’s in hOpes u dOn’t thinK u knOw mOre thAn Uncle i LovE u ,3rd iZ mY bOy i hAve alot oF drEam’z 4 u ,i knOw u           somEtimEs dOn’t undErstAnd bUt ur Uncle wI ll mAke sUre u gEt iT,! yUr dA fiRst bOy u mUst bE followed by yUr brOthErs bY gOOd examPle ,Uncle gOtz u ,4 Ah! mY rAscal ,sO sMart 4 yUr agE i knOw u as wEll sneaky,ha ,ha! U i still wOrry boUt ,bUt i knOw u knOw i lOve u , when u dO wrOng i aL waYz asK u tO thInk boUt iT sO u knOw rigHt frOm , i teAch u dA time tO fOOl around and dA time tO hAndlE business ,dA lAst and cErtianly nOt lEast (babyboy) dA newBorn u dEfinately bring tEars tO yUr Uncles eYe’z ,so haPPy ,carED fOr and lOved by mAny ,yUr sO spoiled ! ha, ha ! i hOpe u stAy dAt wAy ,sUch a grEat fEEling tO welCome u to dA M.O.B! yU’ll find oUt wUt yUr Uncles aboUt sOOn ! i lOve u baby,! bUt let me catch u guyz fuckin around and we gon’ have some words  , i hA ve aNd will fOrever shEd tEars of hAppIness for EaCh one oF u ,id’e diE 4 evEry 1 of u ,mY homEgirl onCe aSked mE Ricardo whIch 1 dO u lOve dA mOst ? i saId i lOve dEm aLL. she said “,Oh! evEryOne hAs a fAvOritE , i said nOt mE …  id’e diE 4 mY fAmily dA M.O.B ! by Ricardo Perz Jr. “WESTCOAST NOSTRADOMAS” U CAN’T KILL A SOLDIER! dA strEEtz iZ bAck! aLL shOtz


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