Poltergeist: Spirit Or A Creation Of The Mind Of A Troubled Teen? (DEBATE)

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I chose to be on the Spirit side of things, because I believe in Ghosts.

I do not understand how a troubled teen would be able to make up a thing like this.

Poltergeists are real.

I have watched many Ghost shows and I, for one, believe in Ghosts and Poltergeists.  Teens go through stress in their lives, from school, pressures of society, addictions, some have to deal with their parents, being bullied, peer pressure, getting bad grades, having to study for exams wondering if they are going to be able to go to the next grade or not.

There are quite a few things a teen has to deal with all at once. These a only a few things, that puts a lot of stress upon a teen’s mind, heart, body and soul.

I do not see why a teen, would have to create something out of their own minds, just to make others around them think that they may be going crazy.

Ghosts and Poltergeists are all around us.

I know, for a fact, that there are a lot of troubled teens, walking amongst us.

There are also, quite a few of them that are misguided by society and other teens around them. Sure, there are teens that have bad attitudes, but I ask you this, why would they go as far as making up a Poltergeist? That, right there, is not understandable to me.

I also believe, that a teen can be possessed by Demons.

If they have so much pressure in their lives, they tend to let their guards down. If they do not believe in God, that makes their souls a little more susceptible to be taken over by the Devil.

These teens, leave themselves open, to things out there, that really should not be there in the first place.

I also find, if they play around with Ouiji Boards, get themselves into Cults, playing around with Black Magic, or even sacrificing their Souls to the Devil, then possession can overcome them.

These teens that play around with things like this, always open up a door to the unknown.

Do they not know what they are getting themselves into?

This is a major sign of trouble.

Trouble will follow these teens, wherever they may go and there would not be any way to get these teens back.

This World can be a dark and lonely place, if the troubled teens only let it to be.

So, I say to you, keep your teens close to you, before it becomes to late to get them back.

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