Is it responsible for a parent to let a 12-year-old child ride the NYC subway alone? (DEBATE)

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My answer is definitely “NO.”

What parent in this society today, would let a child, whether they are 12 years old, younger or older, ride the NYC subway alone? I think it would be quite irresponsible. You cannot let your trust get in the way of being a caring, loving responsible parent.

I think there are too many parents, in this world, that are way too trustworthy with other people. There are too many of our innocent children being taken away from us. They are either being abducted, or even abducted and murdered. What kind of a parent, would want something like that, have living on their conscience for the rest of their lives, because they WERE being irresponsible? I know I would not be able to live with it on my conscience. I would not even think about getting a babysitter and leaving them alone with them.

Give me a break. How safe do you think this world is?

You would have to be brain dead, to think this world (it does not matter where you are), is safe enough for any child, at any age to go anywhere by themselves.

Wake up and smell the coffee brewing here people!!!!!!!!

I live here in New Brunswick, Canada, and I would not let my children out of my sight and we do not HAVE subways. I would not even let them grab a cab by themselves. I have a few more brain cells than that. I do not mean to sound snotty or anything in this debate, but I rather think it is an extremely stupid question to be putting out there. But, at the same time, there are probably a lot of people out there, that would disagree with my debate as well.

It does not matter where you are, how big or how small your city is, it just is NOT safe. I know, myself being a parent of three children, would not like it, if my child would end up being murdered, raped or even both. I just would not forgive myself for it.

I would rather give my own life for my children, than to see any kind of harm come to them. I think ANY responsible parents, would feel the same exact way as I do.

I just do not understand, how a parent or parents, could put so much trust into society, to even think, no harm what-so-ever, could come to their child.

What were you?

Born yesterday?

I do not like to keep harping on this subject, but this subject is much more serious to me, than anyone here thinks.

I could not let my voice of opinion, go unheard within this debate. I just do not think the world is safe enough, to let a 12 year old take a subway, on their own. You have to love your child, a lot more than that, to see any kind of harm come to them. Just PLEASE, reconsider it and think about what I have just said, because IF you do not, you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!!!

Thank you to those whom have read this.

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