Seeing What’s Inside The Body

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It was in the year 1895 when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-rays, since then, capturing pictures of the bones inside the body became possible.This X-rays passes through the soft parts of the human body and stop by the bones and teeth. Through this, the doctors and specialist could see broken bones and even tooth cavities inside the the body.

Later in 1970’s, a new kind of X-ray machine was developed, it is called a CAT scanner. With the CAT scanner, X-ray pictures are taken from many angles then a computer combines the X-ray pictures into a single picture on a computer screen.

Precautions should also be considered as much exposure to the X-rays can be harmful to patients. Over exposure to this rays may be dangerous and might cause side effects to ones health.

With the advent of new technology, a new way to see whats inside our body was also developed. This is called the “nuclear magnetic resonance”, or NMR.

The NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance machine use a huge magnet and radio waves.The information from this radio waves will be taken by the computer. The computer then generates picture or images of the features inside the body, base on the information captured by the machine. The NMR works better than X-rays when it comes in taking pictures of soft body tissues, but still the X-ray takes better pictures on bones.

The NMR or the nuclear magnetic machine was said to have no harm to patients.


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