Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share In Taxes? (DEBATE)

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I can not wait to write my answer to this one.

I voted on the “No,” side.

I feel that the rich are getting away with things a little too easy now-a-days. They do not care about the little guys. They squeeze all of their money for what it is worth. They live higher than hogs, while they are laughing at the rest of us.

What about the poor people?

What do they gain from all of this? Not a darn thing, as far as I am concerned.

They stick their “hard earned” money, in the faces of the people that support them. How much sense does that make? It does not make any sense to me whatsoever. I do not think it is fair, for the “rich,” to be throwing anything in our faces.

Do they deserve what they have?


Do they deserve to get our “so-called” support?

Definitely not.

They pretend that they care and they really don’t. So long as they “pretend” to make promises,t hat make you vote for them, to make sure “they” get into the Government, who the hell cares for the little people?

Not them.

These IDIOTS, disgust me to no end. “I’m going to do this and we’re going to do that, so long as you vote for us, we will keep our promises to the people.”

Oh bull!!!!!!

Look at the “Bankers,” for instance. Do you REALLY think they care about you, when you show up at the front door of the bank, just as soon as it opens up in the morning?


They just want your money and then they try their best to speed things up, so they can get rid of you and move on to the next customer.


They are smart I tell you. Yea, right!!!!!!!

Look at the Lawyers. They do not care about you, all they care about, is how much money they are going to make at the end of the day, if they win a case. Give me a break!!!

Look at the Churches. Do they need money? No. What do they need money for? New suits? New cars? God does not set up a church to get paid.

What about Doctors? They get paid “more” than enough to keep them going and then some. Us poor Taxpayers pay for their wages and they give us poor bedside manner. That is NOT fair. One of these days, I will tell them I want to talk to their Superiors. Hmmm. Makes me wonder how THEY would act, considering I pay their salaries as well. The “rich” do not care how, where, when, why and who they are going to throw their money away to, so long as they have it to throw away, that is all that matters to them.

I have every right in the world to let people know how I feel about the “rich.” Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rant.

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