Can’t Sleep and Need Help

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As I mentioned earlier, I really don’t want to take a pill to help me sleep. I’m sure that they are safe, but they still make me nervous. I would rather look for natural ways to drift off to “dreamland”. Here are a few ways that seem to work for me. I hope they send you off to pleasant dreams as well.

1. If you have a park near by, I find that a stroll (not a power walk) is a great way to unwind. It’s all about slowing yourself down as night approaches.

2. A nice warm bath is another way to make yourself sleepy. A little soft music, a few candles glowing definitely relaxes me. And no shaving your legs! This is not a working bath lol! But you might want to skip the wine. In a hot tub, the alcohol hits you really fast!

3.Try not to get into the habit of NEEDING complete silence to fall asleep by. That can really get you into trouble. Try turning on the radio to something quiet. Personally, I fall asleep to jazz if you can believe it! Sure helps when you are in a hotel and there is noise all around you. The radio can help to shut it all out!

4. I find a foot massage really helps me to relax. I can do it myself, but it is even better if someone else will do it for you. All you have to do is close your eyes and enjoy.

5. Sometimes I find that I’m simply in need of a new pillow. Have you noticed that after a few months, it simply doesn’t feel quite as comfy as it once did. To be quite honest, I picked up a pillow for somewhere around $5.00. It was originally meant just to be stuffed into pillowshams to make the bed look inviting while trying to sell our house.  I used one of those five dollar pillows one night and slept like a baby… for a couple of months. No, it didn’t last very long, but it sure did help and now I know what thickness a pillow I need!


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