Get Your Education At The Library

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Not everyone can afford to go to college, and get a degree.  But everyone can learn.  In the United States one of the best places to learn is your local library.

In this recession, checking materials out from your local library will save you money over buying those same materials new.  As I recently checked out four books from the Wells Branch Library in Austin, Tx the self-checkout screen displayed a number.  I thought I had a fine of $1.50, so I went to Librarian and she checked it out.  After she checked out my first book, I thought that figure had gone up to $1.75.  Turned out my  fines were $0.00 and those figures were $150 and $175, and what they were was how much money I had saved this year by going to the Library, as opposed to buying those books new. Even used textbooks can cost $50 each or more.

But books are not the only things that libraries offer.  Movies, CD’s, DVDs, educational Videos, printing, and computer services which include internet access are among the services many libraries offer.  Some libraries sell floppy disk or CDR’s so that you can upload and download content from their computers.

If you are in Texas, most libraries in Texas participate in a program called TexShare.  A TexShare card is similar to your library card, and you get it your hometown library (if they participate in the TexShare program).  You can then check out materials from other participating libraries in Texas.

By using your local library you can learn a language, grammar, how to garden, how to build a house, how to become self-sufficient, how to sew, how to knit.  You can learn about animals, insects, nutrition, and just about any aspect of this life God has given us all.

Some professional organizations do not require a college degree, but knowledge, for you to become a professional in a field.  They test your knowledge, not your degree.  Your local library is one great source to gain that knowledge.


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