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Our hands,

where would we be without them?

we use them every day, you might be even using them right now!

but have you ever wondered who designed your hands?

have you ever wondered who thought of placing fingers on top of the palm?

have you ever wondered how our hands seem to grip almost everything we hold?

have you ever wondered how our hands react to differnt textures?

to differnt temperatures?

have you?

who is responsible for the creation of such a perfect masterpiece?

who is it who has made my hand differnt to yours?

and yet they look alike,

who is it, who has made every finger tip unique in its own way?

be it a poor man or a rich man!

who is it, who has made it a tool for love as well as a tool for hate?

where they can be used to stroke the furs of a cat, or punch the ribs of a man.

who is it, who has made fingers for man to write by, or to count by, or to give a sign by, weather that be of peace or hate!

who has made our hands in that we beg by them, or show off our might with them?

who has created such a fashion item that has lasted for such years,

and to think they were made out of dirt,

who could have come up with such a great idea?

who indeed?

it can only have come from one!


and only the one!

the creator we have taken for granted!

the creator we have turned away from!

the creator who’s hands is the domination of all things!

to whome belongs all, to whome we shall return!!!


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