Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen Review

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Transformers need a remake, how are they going to continue where they left of? i mean how the “script” going to be when Megatron’s “boss” died. Huhu its a sad script making Megatron obeying to someone else. It clearly shows that Lucas film is involved. They made it into Star Wars. Remember Darth Siddious and Darth Vader? Everything about transformer is like Star Wars.

Let’s start with the sounds :

Pay attention to the sound the robots make…..for example:

The Twins, think of Yoda look alike..burgh i want to vomit.

The little kitchen robots menace that transform after absorbing all spark fragments.


The classic transforming sound is no more, instead they replace it with Star wars twitching ewok sound. It sucks a lot

Transformers feet, look at them, its soo ugly, remember Revenge of the Sith? Even the title is similar..Man can’t you guys see?

What else can you add?

Their faces, omg, with teeth, and ugly. It got Lucas Smell all over it.. I do have to agree that Optimus design is way cool

BUT Jetfire????omg look at him. with aluminum beard??and ugly…

Sound Wave shoots Ravage out of his ass. Clearly Star Wars material. Disgusting.And his trademark voice is gone, what’s wrong with Michael Bayeous??

Devastator is my worst regret, First of all the Mighty Devastator was fighting the TWINS?????huhuhu

With 1 shot from the so called “Experimental Rail Gun” and he is dead?OMG….Noooooo. Not to mention his ugliness and slow and walking like a gorilla…please..and BALLS ??? OMG. No battle with the mighty Devastator and he got balls??. I was really hoping DInobots would emerge and battle Devastator, that would have been great.

With all the Decepticons that landed on earth and invoking war, they only destroyed 1 building, 1 pyramid….so much destruction??zzzzz

I hope when they introduce Unicron in transformers 3, they won’t make it as ugly as the others. Please do not include Lucas Film ,DO it with Paramount and DreamWorks. Enough of this Star Wars crap.

However the Explosions and action sequence was truly awesome. Gret job Michael Bay. People in Malaysia watched it 7 times because of its action fight scene only. yarggh.

I still believe that TF2 could have overthrow Titanic No.1 Spot of all time gross… but the movies received mixed reception between harcore fans and to the general audience and thus destroyed its chance on claiming No.1.

Just remember, Star Wars is Star Wars, Transformers is Transformers, they don’t mix.

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