The Top Model Murder Case: What Fred Has To Say…

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Celebrity gossip columnist J.P. Vandam is being suspected of murdering the former top model Catherine Vincenti. He now organizes an online investigation with detective teams from all over the world, because he not only wants to prove his innocence, but also reveal the truth. He has asked the other suspects to publish what they have to say about the case.

Is the real culprit Fred Hulot, the husband of Catherine, who had an affair with JP? Is it Delphine, the little sister of Catherine, who also had a vague relationship with him? Is it Pierre Dubois, Catherine’s coke dealer? It’s up to you to have these questions answered in this free online murder mystery game, that you can play also as dinner party game or role playing game.


Catherine Vincenti

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What Fred has to say:

I still can’t believe I had to bury my wife… She was so young and beautiful… I don’t think she committed suicide, no… And I sure don’t believe in an accident.

Okay, she has deceived me. With this… JP. But that was only a temporary moment of weakness. I already had forgiven her on the moment I heard of… of what she had done to me. When Dubois told me of Catherine and… hím…

He showed me the pictures… and  I was shocked, yes I was. How would you react? But I did not kill her, you must believe me. I couldn’t do such an awful thing.

I only wanted to talk to her, you see. I wanted to say that I knew she had some problems with coke and pills and alcohol. I wanted to say her that I knew I hadn’t supported her enough, that I had neglected her. I wanted to discuss a new start for both of us, how to proceed from now on, what I had done wrong… That’s why I went to the hotel. To face up to her infidelity and to let her make the final choice between him and me. To give her more of my love than I had given her before, to help her, to support her.

I wasn’t there to kill her. You must believe me.

I don’t believe in suicide and I don’t believe in an accident, and since it wasn’t me who murdered her, it has to be Dubois… or JP himself.

It was Dubois who got my wife addicted, it was Dubois who showed me the pictures of her and JP, it was Dubois who told me when I had to take a look in that disgusting place… And after that he called the police to say that he was worried, because he had seen my car parked in the street before the hotel!

Dubois has destroyed my wife. He only wanted her money… and mine. And then more of our money. And more… And more…  

It wouldn’t surprise me if he had some kind of a deal with JP. It was his ring printed in her cheeck, wasn’t it?

I think it’s some kind of a conspiracy, you know. Dubois and JP have a perfect match… Suppose my wife had enough of JP, suppose she wanted to break up… JP kills her and the pictures of Dubois provide him with an alibi, because they prove JP spoke “the truth” about the theft of his ring. Dubois can sell his pictures to JP and to me and so, everybody is happy down there!

Everybody, except me…


Fred Hulot.


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