Monthly Astrology Forecast for September

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Here’s a brief look at what lies in store for the Zodiac Signs for the month of September

Aries Forecasts for September

Close relationships may interfere with career plans or responsibilities. Romance: Links with someone from your past are starting to restrict you now and hold you back from pursuing your main intentions.

Taurus Forecasts for September

Any decisions you have to make during the first half of the month will be related to your job. Whatever’s decided on now will bring definite resolutions and new starts. Romance: If you are single, you could veer a friendship closer to romance if you feel so inclined.

 Gemini Forecasts for September
Hopes are high if you’re longing for love and romance to enter your life and with planets in the most loving zone of your chart, chances are you won’t be disappointed. Where there’s tension is when a housemate won’t do their share of tasks within the home. Romance: It’s worth pursuing new and old relationships this September. There is greater understanding in a long-term union.

Cancer Forecasts for September

An argument between friends or neighbours is nothing more than a storm in a tea cup. Try to steer clear of contention. A day’s outing or weekend away will turn out surprisingly successful. Romance: Something you’re told will have you seriously considering making a long-term commitment.

 Leo Forecasts for September

With the Sun in your financial sector, it’s worth keeping aclose eye on what you and your loved-ones are spending. You might come up with new ideas for saving money. An offer around the 21st needs serious thought. Romance: Someone you meet will come to play a special part in your life.

Virgo Forecasts for September

Most things are going your way. In most areas you can’t put a foot wrong. With the Sun in your sign, new starts are favoured. Someone takes a risk and it will be a while yet before they find out the consequences. Romance: Enjoy spending time with loved ones; social events exceed expectations.

Libra Forecasts for September

You feel slightly vulnerable at this time and maybe emotional too. By the 15th you will regain your sense of optimism and feel more in control of your emotions. The end of the month is the time to meet up with partners to discuss the future. Romance: Whether single or attached, try to remain realistic.

Scorpio Forecasts for September

If you’re working or at college, you can get extra mileage out of work or research carried out in the past. A friend might admit that you were right in a recent argument. Romance: A celebration could end up in an argument.

Sagittarius Forecasts for September

The helpful support of friends and loved-ones will make a career-move so much easier. Events you had been dreading won’t be half as difficult as you imagined. Romance: A heart-to-heart with someone special will reveal you share similar feelings and dreams for the future.

Capricorn Forecasts for September

It won’t be easy to stay focused. Your mind constantly wanders to far-off horizons. Romance: You are starting to appreciate how much your loved-ones really mean to you.

 Aquarius Forecasts for September

You aren’t always keen on expressing your emotions. If there is a degree of friction in a close relationship, you’re holding too much of yourself back. Romance: This is a great time to relax with your mate and watch the world go by

Pisces Forecasts for September

You have lots of energy and many good ideas. You will enjoy having company around you, rather than being on your own. The end of the month is good for entertaining in your home. Romance: Joint plans are discussed. Keep both feet planted firmly in the ground.


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