Splendid, Livivng, heritage of Luxury India

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Today, India is the world’s seventh largest country in terms of area and second in terms of population. It has 22 major languages with 844 dialects, making this country and its people culturally diverse. India is also the land of the Vedas – the oldest scriptures in the world. It is divided in four-volumes and is regarded as the storehouse of national thoughts. India’s love for complex art forms is evident in the various religious and mythological references. In a country as diverse and complex as India, it is not surprising to find that people here reflect the rich glories of the past, the culture, traditions and values relative to geographic locations and the numerous distinctive manners, habits and food that will always remain truly Indian, according to five thousand years of recorded history. For a first time visitor, India is full of surprises but its earthy charm and mysticism cast a magical spell on most of the tourists. The wide variation in natural environment has resulted in the evolution of a unique culture. With so many variations and diversities, there is so much to explore in India. we offer travel guide and complete information about travel and tourism in India. If you too want to enjoy mesmerizing fascination of India tours, and need of a reliable travel agent in India, give us an opportunity to serve you and travel India with more and more preferred way.

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