How to become a milionaire?

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Do you want millions dollar in your hand? I believe most people will answer yes. In reality, it is hard to get millions dollars. People try hard to find a dollar in recent day. The crisis make the situation worst moreover in undeveloped country.

Perhaps you imagine a millionaire is a happy people who spends most time for leisure and uses a yacht, jet planes, and sophiscated car. If you think like that, you must be wrong. I read in a book that a millionaire live below your means. He drives the car by himself. Even he has no credit card.

It is interesting to know how to become a millionaire. Maybe you can follow below steps to become millionaire:

1. Plan your financial wealth. Set your financial goals, net worth, debt to income ratio, saving investment and monthly budget.

2. Saving your at least 10 % of your salary or income. Try to saving first before spending the money.

3. Invest wisely at shares. Make portfolio that containt various stock.

4. Do not speculate in investment. No one millionaire get rich from speculation.

5. Prepare your pension plan. You will need much money when you retire.

6. Live below your means. Do not spend your money for unnecesary things.

7. Invest at precious metal. the value of precious metal is stable so you will safe your wealth

8. Open a business. It may help you to get more money.

9. Throw your credit card beacause it will load you high interest. Do not ever trust that the credit card is cheap.


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