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This past weekend we went down to McGregor and stayed overnight at the most beautiful place in the mountains. If you ever want to get away from the city and all of the trappings of everyday life this is the place to go. It’s a place where the peace and quiet folds around you and the real world seems far away.

Actually when you are there the real world is far away. At Robertson on the R62 you turn away to McGregor and from there you travel up a gravel road for about 15 kilometers to Onverwacht. Japie and Sandra Oosthuizen, the owners sent me a map, so the place was easy to find. I drive an old box shape 1300 Nissan and had no trouble getting there. It’s a long uphill climb, but the view is worth the trip.

At the bungalows itself you find a quiet and beauty you find only in the mountains. The Oosthuizens are still adding electricity but once we settled in and turned on the gas for a cup of coffee we did not even miss our modern electrical lifestyle we left at home. With a cup of hot coffee in hand we sat ourselves down at one of the viewpoints and just enjoyed.

In the bungalow there is a book telling the story of this family owned business, showing how it grew from an 
Idea to be where it is now. I envy the Oosthuizens, because this is one of the most beautiful places I saw in a while. I will tell you more on my blog.


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