How to Work Part Time from Home

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Here is a list of ways to make money working part time at home. All of these are part time jobs. I have put them in order that I recommend.

STOCK TRADING – Learn to trade stocks. Not investing, but actively trading. Buying and selling up to 3 times per week. Take advantage of the ups and downs in the market. There are many web sites and excellent books to teach you how to be a smart stock trader. Stocks are at a discount right now, so this is a good time to get started.

CURRENCY TRADING – Learn to trade currency and start trading. Trading currency is completely different than stock trading. Different training needed. Try sites like and to learn how to trade currencies. Practice for 3 months before trading real currencies.

WRITING ON THE INTERNET – Write articles on the internet to make money. Associated Content is just one of the great sources online that you can write articles for. There are also sites that need editors or proofreaders and pay them well to work at home. You can work for the company themselves and receive a flat rate for each article or you can create passive income by making residuals on your articles. Some websites such as this one offer both forms of income.

WRITE A BOOK – If your talents expand beyond writing an article, try writing a whole book. Investigate what is popular before you get started and then write about what you know. You can even write in eBook form and sell and market your eBook entirely on the internet. This makes writing and publishing your own book much easier than it has been in the past.

MAKE CRAFTS – If you have the talent for making crafts it is a great way to make extra money. After you have built a good sampling of your work, try to take them to the local craft fairs or festivals. It is a fun and easy way to make extra money at home. Calculate all of your fees and expenses before deciding whether or not to continue.

BRING YOUR WORK HOME – Ask your boss if you can work from home part time and at the office part time. He may be open to it if your work still gets done. If it works out, you may be able to convert your job into a permanent work from home job.


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