Is it correct to pray to man-ordained saints?

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                           Is  it  correct to pray to ‘man ordained saints’? 

As a Christian, you  are bound by certain laws and rules.  One of them is, “Thou shall not worship anything or anybody under the Sun except Lord your God…” or words to that effect, as long as you live on the Earth..

         It must be remembered that there is another life one has to live in  a different world after leaving the Earth. That is very much a conscious life.  You have no choice on this and you have to live it whether you like it or not. There are only two places you could lead that new life – in Heaven or hell.

         The creator God visited this Earth some 2000 years back with definite messages for all peoples of this world. The most important of these was, “You could reach Heaven, God’s abode, and enjoy eternal life only if you believe and trust in Jesus Christ.”  God had made such an out of the world  journey very very simple indeed.  Rejecting Jesus Christ would  also mean that one goes automatically to hell.  Hell is a place of torment and absolute discomfort day in and day out. You cannot get out of it.  You have to spend eternity in suffering. Whereas life in Heaven or life in God’s presence is one of excellent bliss and glory.

         There is no intercommunication between Heaven and hell.  Nor is there one between the Earth and Heaven/hell.  You can’t talk to anyone there nor could anyone up there listen to you. Earth is totally insulated from any kind of  aural communication with the other world.   If the church or any dignitary has told you that if you pray to the so called saints (instead of the Lord Himself), they will answer your prayers or accept your requests, please delete that thought immediately and completely.   It’s a hundred percent  wrong advice.

          It is incorrect  on the part of any church to recommend praying to the saints appointed by it or  the church’s head.  Pray only to Lord Jesus Christ or through HIm  and no other person. The only communication line with Heaven is through  Prayer and no telephone service for that matter.  You may or may not get an answer for all your prayers. Sometime, God does speak directly in words or through some type of indication to His believers as response to their prayers.  You cannot demand an answer from Heaven either.

       Don’t forget,  Devil or Satan has  been permitted to answer a human’s prayer. We don’t know why God has allowed this but there it is.   Satan is very much real.  But Satan’s answer will be always such as to divert  you away from the true God and  coated with sugar juice.  He may bless you  with tremendous blessings and also do something great for you. Don’t get swayed by all these sweet talks  because ultimately Satan may take you to such a point from where you cannot track back.   Satan’s aim is invariably to detract  you from reaching the abode of the true God.

       If you worship any idol considering it to represent a god, you may get an answer and instantly as well. But rest assured that that  answer is not from the creator God.  Some people think that if they pray to the statue of Jesus Christ their prayers would be dealt with. Absolutely out of question, my friend.  Satan would just love this kind of worship and surely it would be Satan who would  very promptly answer and  grant your request too if it is within his authorised power  posing to be Jesus Christ. Do note that Lord Jesus Himself would not respond to your prayer if you pray to his image, statue or anything man made resembling Him.  You need to worship Him only in spirit. You don’t need an energizer to speak to the Creator God.

         Nor, can you address your prayers to  the Apostles or   Mary or angels or  any of the Patriarchs or Moses or Elijah or Enoch or  any of the man- ordained -saints or any believing  Christian  who is known to be with the Lord. They have no power or authority whatever to talk to the relatives or kin on the Earth.. They cannot hear your voice either. If at all you get some answer, take it that it is  Satan who has reacted to your prayer.

     .  But if you  address  your prayer to Lord Jesus in spirit, Satan can in no way interfere.  Our Lord will most certainly over rule him in such cases.

        So, beware. We should  go by what the Bible tells us and not  by the words of some human beings no matter how high they may be in the church hierarchy.


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