Changing Cosmic Gears

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When a person attains a certain level of cosmic insight without properly realizing the how, when, where, or for what purpose of that ‘supposed arrival’, he is actually in a state of more confusion than before having ventured down the self-realized path. The questions have not lessened but increased. Without his being able to fully adequately explain the precarious position, for awhile, he experiences more isolation, trepidation and defense. At this point, he’s incapable of describing the intricately involved personal exhausting experience of having been set free. In the deepest layers of his gut, he instinctively knows but can’t say; much less even begin to explain why.  The more he tries to live up to the expectations of his new found joy, the further he plummets into self-abased agony. When this inexplicable sublime rain falls upon his barren head, he has become a fully conscious human being. When he no longer differentiates between what is good and what is bad, the ultimate release has begun from mortality to immortality.Before this inexpressible silent state is revealed, we are all far too judgmental, obstinate, rebellious and morose. To be so dull and frozen, in such a catatonic place, whereby you can hardly stand the inconsistencies within yourself brings with it an avalanche of inestimable burdens and worries. You say one thing and then you turn right around and do another. You live a lie by expecting others “to do as I say, not as I do.” When the release finally arrives, you vomit up the sickness of superiority and sense of importance you’ve maintained. The need to tell someone else what has taken place is a clear indication that you have not yet arrived. The desire to ‘save’ another or to ‘point the way’ is also the red flag of scrounging in the pit.

The need to convince others of your supposed elevation definitely declares you are merely fooling yourself with grandiose ideas. There is conclusive evidence of this ineffable state, however; when one is surrounded by an ever-present sensation, which can only be uttered as an unrelenting question: “Has it happened yet?” Have I released my need to know, govern, expect, demand or influence others? Have I removed myself and my projected opinions, comments and interpretations from the way others want to experience their personal lives? Can I be in their presence and not feel the need to direct, comment or persuade them according to my standards?  You are never afforded the privilege to know what is supposed to happen or how or when or why something occurs in another’s life. It is incomprehensible to interfere in the will of others. You simply recognize the same effervescent force of an all-pervading energy guiding the other person while you stand ignorantly/silently in respect.

You simply watch the fickle movements of your own unpredictable actions and abide patiently until a complete surrender occurs voluntarily within. There is no way to name the one influencing element which brings you unwarranted peace. Except to affably tune-in to what’s happening on the most primal of levels within your most base sexual nature.  The commotion stirred is inconceivable to you. You will hear words of such astounding ecstasy that have up until this point been unutterable. The transcendent erotic sense of urgency that surrounds you will be such that when you turn in a flickering of an instant to capture its overwhelming beauty/ grace in pleasure, it will have already vanished.

Even the most intimate of partners cannot share the enormity of this life altering miraculous sensation that never forsakes you. You have been shifted, as it would be to a place of sacred observance, watching people, places and events as if viewing a most humorous movie. If you are attentive, you will catch a glimpse of the divine in capricious motion by muttering, “Who are these people?”  Your seeded love and devotion have in no wise been altered; simply the perception of that vested love has changed gears.


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