How to Watch Movies for Free

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Step 1

Obtain a library card and browse the selection of DVD’s that you can checkout for FREE. Some of the bigger libraries have an on-line catalog that can be accessed from any computer to see what DVD’s are available. You can browse the catalog from the comforts of your home and place movies on hold that you would like to see. You can request the library to notify you, by email or phone, when those movies are available for pickup. The movies can usually be returned to any branch of library within the consortium.

Step 2

 Check with your local library to see if they host a movie night where you can take the family to the library to watch a movie. Most larger libraries host a family night and an adult night at the movies, some even provide the popcorn! A list of public libraries can be found on This link is also listed in the links section of the article.

Step 3

 Check out the Automated DVD Kiosks popping up all over in supermarkets, drugstores and Walmarts. They rent movies for $1.00 per night. They are DVDXpress, Redbox and Flickdepot. There is no membership required. All you need is a credit card to pay for the movie (because everything is automated). Enter your email address a receipt will be mailed to you. You will also received emails with promo codes for FREE DVD’s. Using the Kiosk is as easy as using an ATM machine. You can also access their website to place your movie on hold, review the selections and find the nearest location. Their websites are great for reviewing the details of the movie. They also have all the hottest new releases. You can also get good deals on purchasing previously reviewed movies. Who needs to go to the video store anymore!

<u>Additional Tips</u>

DVD Xpress bills themself as the leader in Automated DVD Rental

Redbox is usually found in your local Walmarts and in grocery stores. What I like about Redbox is that the DVD can be returned to any Redbox location.

Flickdepot is the newest one to spring up. I was shopping in our local Thriftway supermarket and saw this one. I rented a DVD because they had the movie that I was looking for. The rental was easy and they had a good selection, however, their website doesn’t seem to be as developed as DVD Xpress and Redbox. However, they have 3 levels of memberships that you can join and earn points for DVD’s rented.


Make sure you return your DVD back to the automated kiosk by the designated time the evening after you rented or you will be charged another dollar. Example, if the DVD is due by 9:00 PM and you return it at 10:00 PM, you will be charged for another day.

Also check your rental agreement for how long you can have the movie out. After a certain number of days(something like 25 days), if the movie is not returned, you will be charged the cost of the DVD and the DVD will be yours to keep.





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