How to Use Facebook Along with Important and Cool Features Site Has to Offer

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Although there are many social networking sites online these days, the one that tops them all would have to be facebook.  I have been a member for about 6 months now and have already over 100 friends with some of them being people I had not talked to in a long time.  It has been great catching up with old friends that I had lost touch with.  So, if you are looking to join a social networking site, I would definitely recommend facebook.   Below are several features of the site to check out.

One of the best features of facebook is that you have to request a friendship with someone in order to see their profile.  This prevents the general public from seeing your personal stuff along with almost all of your pics.  Once a friendship is requested, you then have the option to ignore or confirm the person as a friend.  If you do confirm them as a friend then they would be able to see your profile and all of your pics.  Another interesting feature is your profile page itself.  You can put your relationship status, religion, political views, birthdate, hometown among many other things right on your personal profile page.  What is really nice is that you can always make changes to any of these anytime you want.  Also on your profile page is any comments you have made or were directly made to you in the past several weeks.  You can also see this on facebook’s homepage but the homepage will also display all comments that any of your friends have made.  Another feature which I like is that once you login to facebook, the homepage is loaded up.  This homepage will only display comments that either you or your friends have made recently.  The best feature on the site I think is the email system it has.  If you want to talk to someone one on one then you can send them an email through facebook instead of posting something for all of your friends to see. 

One of the features that I really do not care for are the quizes you can take right through facebook.  You can either do a search for a particular quiz or a friend can send one to you and request you take it.  Once again, you can either accept the invitation or ignore it.   The quizes do have a very wide range to them and you can find topics on anything at anytime.  I will usually avoid these and just ignore requests I get but some people really like these so it could be a bonus.  Along with the quizes there are also numerous games to play on facebook.  Some of the more popular games are farmtown where you manage a farm and mafia wars where you play a mafia family.  There are also regular games such as bejeweled, slots, scrabble, pinball, and numerous other ones.  You should be able to find a game somewhere within the site that you will enjoy playing. 

If you do decide to join facebook, you will notice that you have certain friends that are on it every minute of the day.  The site can be very addicting with so much to do on it and some people just like to talk.  Hopefully, you will be able to leave the site every once in a while though upon joining.  So go ahead and join facebook and connect again with some lost friends, you will be amazed who is already on it. 


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