Why North Korea and Iran Are Extreme Dangers Going Nuclear.

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With the collapse of the soviet union over two decades ago, our nuclear threats were supposed to have been lessened considerably.  While this might have been true for a while, it now looks like this is not the case anymore.  More and more countries are gaining nuclear technology which is certain to find its way into weapons sooner rather than later.  What is really scary about this trend is that countries such as North Korea and Iran have been actively pursuing this even in the face of UN sanctions permitting them to do this.  Both of these countries have been very aggressive in their stances concerning this technology and should not be allowed to pursue this anytime soon.  Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why they should be banned from this technology. 

North Korea — This country has continually over the years broken treaties and pacts made between various nations concerning the use of this technology.  In 2002, North Korea went public and said they will continue to develop their nuclear program despite the Non-Proliferation Treaty they signed years earlier.  Next North Korea has banned almost all inpectors from investigating their facilities and it has been years since a thorough inspection process was undertaken.  Perhaps most worrisome is North Korea’s talks about further ballistic missile tests including one they plan to launch in a few weeks.  They have received world criticism for planning this and yet they continue to push towards doing it.  Another worrisome thing is their tests of a nuclear weapon in 2006.  The government in North Korea is another issue and they do not appear to want to compromise at the moment and they are claiming they will continue their nuclear program indefinitely. 

Iran — This country we really need to keep an eye on especially since the international community has allowed them to continue their nuclear programs for the past several years.  Iran has claimed for years that their nuclear program is for peaceful means and only is needed for energy and power for the country.  But looking at their uranium enrichment programs, their testing of ballistic missiles, their secret underground facilities and their denotations of huge amounts of explosives; it only leads to the assumption of them using this technology for a weapon.  One huge worry for the international community is Iran’s support from Russia and even North Korea.  Russia has been a willing trading partner with Iran for several years now and rumors have spread that they might be willing to trade nuclear secrets to them. Another huge worry is the danger that Israel would face with a nuclear Iran considering the violent history between the two nations.  Another huge factor is with the government of Iran which has proved time and time again that they will not follow international policy. 

In conclusion, now is the time for the international community to take the stand that these countries be banned from any further nuclear testing and progression.  We cannot allow these countries to acquire these weapons and expect no further repercussions.  The example needs to be set especially with these two in order to deter other countries from following their examples in the future. 


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